Monday, April 15, 2013

Out of the Office: Call (and time) tracking app for Android

Among the few sucky things about being a lawyer (but this may apply to all kinds of consultants) is having to keep track of the time you spend on billable matters. When I'm out of the office, this is a big pain so I'm always on the lookout for technologies that will automagically keep track of things I do that I may have to bill for or otherwise account for my time.

I spend a lot of time on my phone and when I'm focused on a call, I'm not focused on making a note somewhere about being on the call. To automate the process, I tried a number of apps that will keep track of time spent on phone calls and with whom. The app I've settled on for some time is CallTrack. It just works. You can set it to note either or all of incoming calls, outgoing calls and missed calls. And, even better, it saves them all in Google Calendar. If the number is in my contacts, the person's name appears in the "appointment". To avoid cluttering up my main calendar, I've created one called "Call Logs", which -- you guessed it -- is nothing but my call logs. I just regularly dip into that calendar and note those that need to be billed.

Call from Joe Blow

11/4/2013 08:51 to 11/4/2013 09:00
Call From Joe Blow (Mobile)
Number: +1902XXXXXXX
Duration: 9 minutes

It's automatic and makes my life easier. What more could you ask for?


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