Friday, March 26, 2010

Brunch in Halifax

When I was growing up, brunch always meant expansive buffets and eating until you burst. You can find that in Halifax, particularly on days like Mother's Day. But for every week, "brunch" means a late breakfast.

Most Sundays for the past year, I've gone for brunch with friends. We started going to the Old Triangle, mainly because a friend of one of the brunching friends works there. The food is generally good, but it didn't take long to figure out they're really not that interested in feeding people brunch. One week, we got there and were told there would be no eggs because they were expecting to be busy and eggs take too long in the kitchen. Umm. Ok. Then that became a tradition of not being able to get the best items on the menu. That ended our regular attendance at the Triangle. Haven't been back since.

Next, we tried the The Argyle Bar & Grill. Popular spot, good food, nice variety of draught beer but some serious issues with the service. Our experience culminated with atrociously slow and pretty rude service on our last visit. Scratch The Argyle.

Then, we headed to Your Father's Mustache for a couple of weeks. The brunch was good (though the hollandaise sauce on the eggs Benedict sucked), but the place was too crowded and loud.

Most recently, we've been gong to the Armview by the Rotary. Good breakfast, good lunch, good service. All 'round a good spot. The only downside is that the place is pretty busy, but worth the wait.

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