Monday, April 15, 2013

Be prepared: Everyday carry (EDC) for the mobile lawyer

Maybe it's the only thing that stuck with me from my brief stint as a boy scout, but I have the need to have the right tools with me at all times. I almost always have my backpack with me and I make sure it contains the stuff I need on a regular basis or may urgently need from time to time.

This assortment works for me, and may provide some inspiration for others.

My compact kit contains these essentials:

This compact pack is always with me when I'm working or traveling and so far it has served me well. I have had to use every item in it and was glad that I lug it about.

I also have a travel kit (which is red, to easily distinguish at the bottom of my bag) that isn't always with me but has the essentials to keep presentable on the road. A separate Altoids tin contains band-aids, ibuprofen, vitamins and earplugs.


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